Baby, I've been breaking glass in your room again

dont look at the carpet, I drew something awful on it

3 December 1985
I am a fresh out of art school young artist trying to get my footing in the world. I probably should not use the term 'fresh' because art school wasn't exactly a bouquet of flowers for me. I especially like painting, performance, and cake art. also, kittens (more in life than art, but if you want to give me your kitschy kitten art, do it)

This is obviously my life journal. This is friends mostly. I do the typical journal thing of rambling about my life. When I am not doing so, I ramble about my interests, research, artwork etc. Sometimes I leave these entries public. If there is reason for us to exchange information on our lives, then friend me, or perhaps I have friended you, or..goodness, both.

Otherwise....feel free to browse the public entries, or go to:


or my art blog linked in basic info seciton.

I guess that's all folks.